Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I ran into that Jap kid the other day. He started yellin', "Go, men! Go, men!"

Would you consider this a fucked up situation? I took a vyvanse the other day before work and couldn't help myself from spilling beans about my personal life to one of my closer work friends. He half-heartedly told me it sounded fucked up, but I'm pretty sure the amount of time I spent talking caused him to tune out a lot of it.

Here's basically the run down:

So my pappy's going to prison. As a 19 year-old who is use to this behavior from him all I can say is that I'm happy he's done with that stupid, lazy ex-wife of his. Oh and that it's pretty cool I get to hold a lot of his stuff. Namely that PSP Go and all his other consoles (Not a big console guy) along with the prospects of a car (even if it's a Prius) and all of my Sundays back.
Mum's been on my back recently for small shit, but on a more personal note she doesn't do that unless she's trying to get me for a big thing or a number of things and doesn't have proof. As she stumbles closer toward what might be the final straw with me I try to look toward finding a better job just in case one day I come back to find all my stuff on the curb.
Girlfriend was going through a rough patch with me beginning about a month ago. Up until last week we had been at each others' necks and then I pulled my famous "Step back" and everything was chill. Now we're doing alright. We went to the zoo yesterday and that actually wasn't as bad as I usually make it out to be.

As far as making my rounds, I'm sorry it hasn't been happening as often as I like to. A lot of my personal time has been getting in the way. Once a day is still pretty good, yeah?