Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Air

Nothing has happened lately.

Well besides the fact my mum and father are on their way to divorce. The catch? They aren't married to each other. We just left the stage in my life where my parents thought I was on drugs and that alone was a little bothering amount of drama. Nothing too big, though. The only fact I even mention it is simply because the time it took for the situation to be over was well worth calling a "Waste of time". Since it's been over, we had about 2 weeks of chilling out at the house. I kept good ties with my father and my mother in terms of conversation.

But when I found out my dad was being left my his wife, it bothered me a lot. Suddenly I knew I'd have to be there for him more often (Something I've never been accustomed to) to make sure he would stay on the right track. He tried not to make it seem like a big deal. That crap like this happens all the time.

I felt bloody teenager level with all this only to find out my mother was going through her own troubles. Danny came home drunk one night. Didn't answer his phone all day and when he finally did all he had to say to her was that he was too drunk to drive home. When they came back, my mom was trouble. I heard a lot, but not everything. I stood at the bottom of the steps waiting for my time to strike with my guitar in hand. Years of letting this dude talk down to my mother the way he does was something I wanted to come to an end. But she caught me. She told me to go upstairs. That he was just drunk.

... Now I'm stuck because while my parents are supportive of one another, they've kept me out of the loop. So what am I suppose to do..?

... ._.

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